DU 19 JUNE 2017 AU 08 JUNE 2017

Parcipative exhibition at the Jardin de Aures (19th June – 8th July)

Lieu : Jardin des Aures - Terre Nouvelle

Accueil et Rencontres au Jardin des Aures have invited us to present QX1 in their premises at Terre Nouvelle (68 chemin des Baumillons, 13015 Marseille).

This willprovide the opportunity to begin sharing experiences and ressources for those that settle in the northern areas of our city.

The interactive map and the panels showing the accounts in a number of languages will be displayed until the 8th of July.

During the exhibition we will hold permanences on Monday afternoons, at the same time as the distribution of food packages by Restos du coeur.