COVID-19 : news and resources

Due to measures related to coronavirus epidemia (COVID-19), the activity of many structures has been largely modified, often reduced, in many cases suspended.

Below, you can download the inventory of the structures that are still open to the public (often by appointment) and those that have set up telephone hotlines or other means of remote support. An updated version of the QX1 Welcome Map is also available (consult online or print):


A form is at your disposal. Please notify us of any changes or additions to be made to our directory. 

On the mobile app QX1 Welcome map :

Use the Categories x Emergency COVID-19 to view the associations offering services (with or without reception of public) during the containment period

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Use the tagCOVID-19 (ouvert)” to filter spots with reception of public during the containment period

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Other multi-lingual resources on COVID-19

Barrier actions in several languages

The French General Health Department (DGS) and Public Health France (Santé publique France) present a series of posters translated into several languages and to be put up in your structures for information on precautions against Coronavirus (Covid-19). : site de la FNARS

Furthermore a Youtube channel on suburbs and health  publishes videos in several languages on prevention topics.

Informations in several languages on BAAM

Facebook Page of BAAM (Bureau d’Accueil et d’Accompagnement des Migrants) : page with very rich multilingual content, frequently updated.

Where to find the exit certificates

Several associations are organizing to drop paper certificates at several distribution points:

    • Pharmacie Casanova 418 Bd National 04 91 50 82 38
    • Pharmacie du Théâtre 117 rue Loubon 04 91 62 52 42
    • Pharmacie de la Douane 61 Bd de Strasbourg 04 91 62 59 48
    • Pharmacie Nationale 117 Boulevard National 09 54 09 74 70
    • à la Girafe des Réformés (stuck to the construction site at the top of the Canebière)
    • Boutique Emmaüs des Réformés, 6 Square Stalingrad, 13001 Marseille
    • on the door of Coméde, 52 Rue du Coq, 13001 Marseille
    • Emmaus Truck at Réformés, Square Stalingrad, 13001 Marseille

Containment measures 

The Prefecture has released recordings in 10 languages on Containment measures :