Difficult conditions in La Madrague

Extract from Récit de Dawood • 30 years old • Man • Afghan

I called 115 in the morning at 8 o’clock, almost four times I  tried and finally they gave me one month in La Madrague… but unfortunately it is not really a good place there, there are not normal people, six people per room, many flights, I lost my cell phone there twice. When I went to the bathroom, I took my bag with me… La Madrague is very problematic. They take everything ; I had lost my clothes there when I stretched them out to dry, the people there drink a lot of alcohol… […]

I have been at Madrague for more than a year. During the day we cannot stay at Madrague between the hours of 8:30  and 16:00. In the summer, during the day it is a little better because the temperature is warm, we can stay outside by the sea… but in the winter it is very hard, a lot of cold, there is not a place to stay… now it is the start of winter… when we stay in the station a lot of police ask us our identity…

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