QX1 community pilot boat is a project developed by the Transbordeur collective.

QX1 is a platform designed as a tool for collecting and sharing information for migrants arriving in Marseille to settle or simply passing through. It is a tool intended to facilitate mutual aid and access to information by showcasing the experiences of people from different backgrounds  and with different profiles who have settled in our city over the last few years.

The information presented on the QX1 platform come from interviews and workshops put on by Transbordeur and its partners for migrants who want to tell their stories and share their experiences (sources of information, tips, ways of obtaining benefits…).

The QX1 platform uses a number of ways to disseminate its information:

  • a multilingual website
  • regular advice centres are organised in different places in the city in association with project partners able to receive members of the public
  • Printed materials, such as flyers or pamphlets, which can provide information of first necessity complementing the information available on the website

The name QX1 come from the International Maritime Code of Signals and means: “You have permission to anchor in this port”

The Transbordeur collective’s goal is to develop imaginative projects aimed at improving material living conditions, intellectual and cultural fulfillment, and emancipation. Transbordeur encourages the creating of connections and promotes the values of popular education.

Transbordeur consists of professionals from different backgrounds: urban planners, artists, social workers, public involvement experts, cartographers… brought together by the common goal of questioning and bringing some meaning to their working practices.

Its missions

  • Creating spaces that are conducive to the exchange of experiences, personal journeys, knowledge, habits and practices.
  • Gathering and highlighting life experiences.
  • Producing innovative multidisciplinary projects (dance, theatre, videos, photos…).
  • Propose training initiatives in the fields of the Arts and social policy.
  • Organizing workshops where professional  practices can be analysed.

Federico Brivio, Marta Stalla, Sarah Schreiber, Alessio Berré, Jeanne Piedallu, Caroline Rougié, Simon Duclut-Rasse, Juliette Rowling

  • Destination Famille
  • Accueil de jour Marceau
  • Le Théâtre de l’Œuvre
  • Planète sans visa
  • Observatoire Asile Marseille

In 2016, the QX1 project received support from the ECF (European Cultural Foundation) and of the Fondation Abbé Pierre in 2017.